The RED ONE camera generates QuickTime reference movies that point to 4K (or 2K) full resolution REDCODE™ RAW (.R3D) files. This allows for immediate editing of camera source footage when using the latest version of Final Cut Pro.

Ensure that you have upgraded to FCP version 6.0.2 or higher, running under Mac OSX 10.4.11 (Tiger) or higher. Then download and install the REDCODE™ RAW codec from (Intel based Macs only currently) Final Cut Pro 6.0.2 with the REDCODE™ RAW codec installed will support RT playback and editing provided you have sufficient hardware resources.

Transfer the entire contents of your RED-FLASH CF card or RED-DRIVE to another drive for editing (RAID storage is recommended for best performance)

Import the desired QuickTime reference movies into a new FCP project. You can use either the 2K or 1K sized reference movies. On a MacBook Pro laptop, we recommend the use of 1K size movies.

Select the ProRes HQ 1080p easy setup in FCP to render files and create an online quality, HD rendered media for finishing.

Log and Transfer functionality will be supported in the near future. This will allow advanced ingest of RED footage into FCP including transcoding to ProRes.


RED Code


Unlike alternative high-end acquisition tools, RED is the only tool that easily affords users the flexibility to choose custom finishing paths from HD tape through 4K DI.

RED is the only acquisition tool that allows for both independent film desktop finishing or studio Digital INtermediate mastering from one original 4K file source.

Because R3D 4K files are QuicKtime aware, RED provides the only render free offline solution for start-to-finish post production.

RED's out-of-the-box thinking has hands-down created the most streamlined Digital Intermediate workflow we've ever experienced.

RED's render-free QuickTime edit workflow has essentially simplified the post process for any project, never mind the fact that it is 4K!
REDCINE-X and RED ALERT! are software programs that act as telecine "film to video" converters, converting the REDCODE RAW data into RGB video, providing basic one light image processing and color correction. REDCINE-X is available for both Mac and PC Intel based computer platforms, while RED ALERT! is Intel Mac OS only. To add to its ability to adjust Color Temperature, Saturation, Contrast, Brightness, and RGB gain, RED ALERT! also offers the ability to generate QuickTime proxies from the RED ONE's R3D RAW files. While offering even more image control with R3D files, REDCINE-X can batch process, crop, resize and reposition footage, as well as offer a much more advanced option list of compression and export file choices. REDCINE-X is the evolution of RED's original REDCINE program, combining much of the function of REDCINE, REDRushes and RED ALERT!
All I can say is that I am totally amazed. Revolutionary might not be a strong enough word to describe what RED is doing.

- Rodney Charters
Cinematographer on 24