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RED EPIC Camera Body
Red One

RED One Camera Body
Red One

D.I.T / Wrangler / Operator
RED Camera operator

RED Bomb EVF View Finder

RED HD 5" Touch Monitor
RED LCD Monitor

RED HD 7" LCD Monitor
RED LCD Monitor

Teradek Cube + iPad 2
wireless director's monitor
Teradek Cube

RED Rails System
RED Rails System

Zeiss T1.3 Super Speed Primes
18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm
Zeiss T1.3 Primes

RED T3 18-50mm ZoomRED T3 Wide Zoom

RED T3 50-150mm Zoom
RED T3 Long Zoomyio

MacBook Pro 17"
MacBook Pro 17 Inch

RedRock Matte Box
Matte Box

RED Rock Follow Focus
Follow Focus

Sachtler Fluid Head Tripod
Satchler Tripod Kit

Satchler Small Legs
Sachtler Small Legs

RED Cheese Plate
RED Cheese Plate

Red Power Pack
RED Power Pack

RED Brick Battery
RED Brick

RED Drives
RED Brick

RED CF Module
RED CF Module

RED 16GB Compact Flash
Compact Flash Card

Teradek Cube + iPad 2
Apple iPad 2
The Teradek Cube
The Cube is the world's first camera-top streaming HD video device. The Cube Encoder creates its very own wireless (ad hoc) network, and streams HD video directly to a computer or laptop, a server, or a mobile device such as an iPad with no other networking equipment required. To extend your broadcast range, The Cube can join an infrastructure network by using a wireless router and stream over a LAN or WAN. Experienced network users can even use Cube to stream video over the Internet.
The Cube is tiny (about the size of a deck of cards), uses only 2.5W of DC power - plugged directly into the back of the RED One camera, and weighs only 7 ounces, and mounts easily to the RED rails system.

Cube will then stream it's HD H.264 signal to anything connected to it's wifi signal. This way the fully set up and ready to stream iPad 2 we supply you with acts as your full HD, fully wireless director's monitor, that can be taken over a quarter of a kilometer away, and still recieve the picture- and review previous takes.



When you stream your feed to our MacBook Pro, every time you press record on the RED camera, an HD H.264 file is created with the same RED Proxy filename. Your editor can effectively offline the edit BEFORE he even recieves the media from the Compact Flash card. Online your whole movie with these proxies, and online at your leisure.
That is one EASY workflow!

Watch the video about the Cube
Watch the video about Teradek Cube