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RED EPIC Camera Body
Red One

RED One Camera Body
Red One

D.I.T / Wrangler / Operator
RED Camera operator

RED Bomb EVF View Finder

RED HD 5" Touch Monitor
RED LCD Monitor

RED HD 7" LCD Monitor
RED LCD Monitor

Teradek Cube + iPad 2
wireless director's monitor
Teradek Cube

RED Rails System
RED Rails System

Zeiss T1.3 Super Speed Primes
18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm
Zeiss T1.3 Primes

RED T3 18-50mm ZoomRED T3 Wide Zoom

RED T3 50-150mm Zoom
RED T3 Long Zoomyio

MacBook Pro 17"
MacBook Pro 17 Inch

RedRock Matte Box
Matte Box

RED Rock Follow Focus
Follow Focus

Sachtler Fluid Head Tripod
Satchler Tripod Kit

Satchler Small Legs
Sachtler Small Legs

RED Cheese Plate
RED Cheese Plate

Red Power Pack
RED Power Pack

RED Brick Battery
RED Brick

RED Drives
RED Brick

RED CF Module
RED CF Module

RED 16GB Compact Flash
Compact Flash Card

RED One Mysterium-X Camera Body
Red One
Mysterium x
4520 x 2540 pixels... Now that's huge! At the throbbing heart of the RED One camera lives the new Mysterium X CMOS sensor - twelve megapixels of beautiful image quality. It's Super 35mm sized with unparalleled flexibility and fidelity.

Combining low noise with superior charge capacity for dynamic range and colour fidelity that allows you to finally have a no excuse imaging alternative to 35mm film.

Record 2540 progressive at up to 30 fps REDCODE RAW. With 4520 X 2540 pixels, Mysterium™ puts pure digital Ultra-High Def in the palm of your hand.

RED ONE™ and REDCINE™ also support down-sampling to 1080p and 720p for in-field monitoring and compatibility with non-linear editors.

You get the same breathtaking field of view and selective focus found on film cameras. Mysterium™ boasts a greater than 66db Signal to Noise Ratio thanks to its large 29 sq. micron pixels. And 12,065,000 pixels deliver resolution that can only be called Ultra High Definition.

    4K vs 35mm FILM

Most 35 mm film outs that have gone through a scanning process have been scanned at 2K, or one quarter the resolution of 4K. Only extremely high content VFX work is generally scanned as high as 4K. Viewers that see RED footage for the first time either describe the quality as 65 mm film or "grainless 35".

More pragmatically, it is the elimination of the cost of film and processing that make the RED ONE so economically attractive, in addition to its extraordinary quality.


Beyond the obvious advantage of cost savings with the elimination of film and processing, both consumable products, it is the benefit of being able to watch dailies immediately, in real time, that make shooting digital such a superior experience. In adding the extraordinarily high quality of 4K capture and at such an affordable price, RED has tipped the scales for the industry.