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RED EPIC Camera Body
Red One

RED One Camera Body
Red One

D.I.T / Wrangler / Operator
RED Camera operator

RED Bomb EVF View Finder

RED HD 5" Touch Monitor
RED LCD Monitor

RED HD 7" LCD Monitor
RED LCD Monitor

Teradek Cube + iPad 2
wireless director's monitor
Teradek Cube

RED Rails System
RED Rails System

Zeiss T1.3 Super Speed Primes
18, 25, 35, 50, 85mm
Zeiss T1.3 Primes

RED T3 18-50mm ZoomRED T3 Wide Zoom

RED T3 50-150mm Zoom
RED T3 Long Zoomyio

MacBook Pro 17"
MacBook Pro 17 Inch

RedRock Matte Box
Matte Box

RED Rock Follow Focus
Follow Focus

Sachtler Fluid Head Tripod
Satchler Tripod Kit

Satchler Small Legs
Sachtler Small Legs

RED Cheese Plate
RED Cheese Plate

Red Power Pack
RED Power Pack

RED Brick Battery
RED Brick

RED Drives
RED Brick

RED CF Module
RED CF Module

RED 16GB Compact Flash
Compact Flash Card

DIT / Wrangler / Operator

Our DITswill make dealing with 4K easy! They are comprehensively trained in 4K shooting best practices and on set etiquette. So you can sleep well!

A DIT will:

• Help test equipment in advance of the shoot.
• Build and strip the camera.
• Clean the sensor.
• Set up the camera for the shoot – including the frame rate, aspect ratio, audio settings, frame guides and colour space for monitoring.
• Consult with the Workflow Supervisor and/or Post House on compatibility with the chosen post-production route.
• Set up monitoring for the Director Of Photography, Director, production, camera crew, audio dept.
• Securely back up the Data (rushes) and cross check it against the camera notes. • Make file size comparisons.
• Check that the files and folders are correctly labelled and structured to ensure a successful path through post-production (offline, extraction, grade and deliverables).
• Back up the rushes to a transit drive for delivery to Editorial.
• Fill out mag report sheets for Production and Editorial.
• Check for clip integrity – examine each shot to ensure that it plays correctly from beginning to end. Flag up errors to the Camera Department.
• Work with the 1st and 2nd ACs to ensure the smooth running of the shoot.
• Provide a point of communication for the Workflow Supervisor and Editorial department.
• Transcode Red footage on set to other file formats for offline editing.

RED Rocket
RED Rocket
Final Cut Pro

On Set DIT
Our on set Red camera experts (or "Digital Assistant Camera").

On Set Quality Control
Our DAC will review your footage and feed back to the Director of Photography to ensure excellent image quality. Your Director can wrap a location safe in the knowledge that they have the coverage they need to complete a sequence.

We can convert your Red footage into any format ready for editing, visual effects, conforming and colour grading.

We can supply your rushes on DVD, or as Quicktimes over the internet.

Data Storage
We archive your footage to 2.5" SSD hard drive as standard.

Workflow Supervision
Shooting data is easy when you do it the right way and can provide several advantages over film. We will give you honest, impartial, clear advice and will always offer you the most cost effective solution.

RED Cine
RED Undead
RED Alert